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CNC Oxy and Plasma-Arc Profile Cutting

Oxy Gas Profile Cutting

We operate CNC Oxy-Gas & Plasma-Arc Profile cutters with up to 6 heads.

Capacity - mild steel to 250mm thickness

High Definition Plasma Cutting

We operate a Kinetic 2000 Precision Plasma Machine fitted with a hypertherm 200 amp high definition plasma cutting system. This machine is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless etc. to 25 mm thick and virtually dross-free.

Capacity - mild, stainless, copper, brass, etc. to 25 mm

Aluminium to 40mm

Precision Machining


Laser Cutting

Accuracy to 0.15 mm

Repeatability of articles to 0.15 mm

Straight edged cut

Little or no cleaning up of edges

No compression of soft materials

Highly polished surfaces cut without scratching

Hardened materials cut with little or no heat-affected zones