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Logging Equipment

We currently offer:C & R Equipment's range of quality logging equipment and fittings is in use throughout New Zealand and is known for its reliability and durability.

  • Pulley Blocks -75mm to 360mm sheaves, 0.5t to 6 tonne
  • Snatch Blocks - Plain bearing, 1t to 20t proof load
  • Tailrope Blocks - All cast, 8t to 20t proof load
  • Skyline Blocks - Rigging Blocks, skyline carriages, gravity locking carriages
  • High Lead Blocks - All cast or fabricated
  • Fall Blocks - All cast or fabricated
  • Swivels - Mainline, tailrope, strawline
  • Logging Rings - Log tongs, load binders, marlin spikes, wedges

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