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C & R Equipment Ltd. was established in 1954 by Messrs. Vince Chapman and Gordon Rae. When Vince Chapman, a Logger and sawmill operator of 40 years experience, saw a need to improve the calibre of equipment being used in the logging and milling industries. His determination to produce high-quality logging equipment was the foundation of C & R Equipment Ltd, Christchurch.

The firm's reputation for excellence grew swiftly and in 1956 it was necessary to move to larger premises. Later these premises were expanded to cater to increasing demand for the company's products. By 1960, the company had developed into the leading supplier of logging equipment in New Zealand.

The ensuing 30 years saw the company expand into various projects, including the supply of dragline equipment to the Nelson Harbour Board and lifting gear for the link spans at the ports of Picton, Tauranga and Lyttelton. The company also secured a large contract for a gate lifting winch drums, sheaves and fabrication on the Waipori Dam Project, and in 1986 a further contract for the supply of four double drum winch units for the Clyde Hydro Power House spillway gates. During this period the company also moved into the production of blocks for crane and general lifting purposes.

C & R Equipment has also developed a number of products for the fishing industry. In addition, we have during our company lifetime completed a diverse range of projects such as radio and television masts, airport baggage handling equipment, soundproof booths for larger machines, aircraft lifting equipment, and steel sculpture art installations and parts, all of which have been exactingly built to the specifications supplied by its clients.

C & R Equipment were in 1984 the first company in the South Island to install and begin operating a Laser Cutting Machine, enabling us to expand successfully into a new field in which plastics, timber, steel, bakelite, leather, rubber, cork, slate, ceramics and many other materials can be cut into intricate shapes with complete accuracy.

In 2011 C & R Equipment Ltd. was acquired by leading Christchurch-based manufacturing engineers Roberts Engineering, who are continuing the C & R's proud history of commitment to engineering excellence, product reliability, and excellent customer service.