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Lifting Equipment

Our lifting equipment range has been developed for customers who require reliability of performance and a competitive price.

  • Crane Blocks - Single and Multisheave to M.O.T. approved designs. 1/2t to 100t S.W.L.
  • Pulley Blocks - Single & Multisheave, Snatch & Plain types to 1t S.W.L
  • Cargo Blocks - Single & Multisheave, to BS4018, 1t to 6t S.W.L.
  • Rigging Blocks - Single Sheave high tensile to 20t S.W.L. (approved to D.L.I. Australia)
  • Logging Blocks- Fabricated or all cast, plain, ball or roller bearing
  • Sheaves - Cast iron, S G iron, cast steel - 75mm dia to 1m dia.
  • Hooks - Stirrup and strap type swivel hooks - eye type - shank hooks to BS2903, 0.3t to 32t S.W.L
  • Shackles - 'D' type to BS 3032
  • Case Grabs - 1t to 3t capacity
  • Drum Clamps- Suitable for most drum sizes
  • Plate Lifting Clamps - For horizontal and vertical lifting
  • Special Lifting Clamps - For various steel sections - rounds, UB's, etc.
  • Swivels - Open and fully enclosed types, M.O.T. approved for crane use, 0.5t to 10t S.W.L.
  • Eye Bolts - Collared type to British standards, Imperial & metric threads
  • Travelling Trolleys - Push or chain drive, 0.5t to 10t S.W.L.
  • Hand Winches - To 1t capacity

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